About Happy Valley
Contact Information

    • Happy Valley
      7762 Quaker Street
      Arvada, CO 80007
    • Phone: 303-422-4220
      Fax: 303-422-0200
    • Email: Info@happyvalleyps.com
    • Office Hours:
      Summer:  M-TR  8 am- 1 pm
      Fall/Spring:  M-F  8 am- 3 pm

Our Philosophy

Happy Valley Children's Ranch KidsAt Happy Valley Children’s Ranch Preschool we believe that children learn best through meaningful play experiences both inside the classroom and the outside environment.  We provide an atmosphere that is safe, nurturing, respectful, creative and fun.  We teach children about the importance of respecting themselves, others, animals and the environment.  We help children develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills through age-appropriate activities.  We value family and community involvement as a part of our educational program.

Our Mission Statement

We value the integrity of the relationships within Happy Valley which encompasses the children, families, co-workers, animals and community creating a nurturing, respectful, positive atmosphere.